Hindi Week

9-Sep-19 to 14-Sep-19

In today’s global world of English, our generation is forgetting the importance of Hindi language which resulted in decline of the status of Hindi language. So the students of Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya  took the pledge to spread the message of using Hindi by celebrating Hindi Week from 9-Sep-19 to 14-Sep-19 . Following activities were carried out during this  week  :

  1. Display Boards was prepared
  2. Special Assembly
    1. A thought was delivered on the importance of Hindi Language.
    2. Group Dance
    3. Group Song
    4. Skit
  3. Quotes of famous Hindi Poet were displayed in classes and corridors.
  4. Movie screening based on Munshi Premchand stories.
  5. Nukkad Natak was presented by students of RSV in Hastsal Village and at Uttam Nagar metro station to convey the true meaning of our proud language Hindi. The people appreciated the students with gifts and motivational words.

The program was culminated by the gracious words of our Hon’ble Director Madam.