Scrabble Competition

On 8th Dec’18 Rsvians enthusiastically participated in Scrabble Competition under the supervision and guidance of honourable Director Ma’am Ms Shashi Tyagi who at every  speck motivate children to clear their concepts rather than just blindly cram the topic.

The competition scrabble was organized by sportzconsult.

Highlights of the competition

The competition was conducted at three levels.

                SCHOOL  LEVEL

  1. First round was conducted at the School Level.
  2. Three students from classes 6th to 10th were selected for the next round.

              INTER SCHOOL LEVEL

  1. The selected fifteen names were proposed for participation at Thyagaraj Stadium on 13th Dec’18.
  2. Those selected fifteen students also got the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through a workshop on the topic ’How to Be Mastered at Scrabble’ followed by a test series.
  3. It was a pleasure moment when out of fifteen , five were selected for the city level.


On 20th Dec’18 five Rsvians who had cleared the School Level  got opportunity to participate at City Level organized at Thyagaraj Stadium. The escorting teacher was Ms Shilpi.

The highlights of the event were

  1. The event was segregated for the convenience into three rounds.
  2. At sorted levels the students got a chance to manifest their word power skills.
  3. The event was culminated with a distribution of scrabble kit to every participant.