1-Oct-19 to 5-Oct-19

The students of classes XI and XII participated in many thought-provoking activities during Commerce Week i.e. from 1st Oct to 5th Oct, 2019. For class XII, a very fun-filled activity was planned-like ‘ADVERTISTING’, ‘ROLE PLAY ON PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT’, AND EXHIBITION. The ‘Twist’ was that at first, they had to promote their product and then they had to present a depraved picture of it. Students were very excited to perform this activity. Class XI, XII were given brands for which they had to design a logo demonstrating the unique selling points of the product, which is the mainstay of brands when it comes to their survival in the Global markets.

The students showed a lot of zeal and enthusiasm as they were asked to do something quite out of the box.  Students of class XII presented entertaining advertisements and class XI came up with brilliant ideas with respect to the logos designed by them.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were mesmerized by the wonderful experiences. Through such activities, the students garnered a lot of skills and it was a learning experience for all of them.