Deepawali Celebrations

Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya organised an awareness rally on the occasion of Diwali to enlightenthe students and the public to celebrate ‘Eco-Friendly Diwali’. The rally took place on Friday, 21October 2022 with vicinity. The students and the staff of class XI and XII carrying colourful placards, raised slogans like ‘Don’t create sound pollution’, ‘pollution free Diwali har ghar khushali’, ‘Say no to crackers ‘, ‘Don’t act mean, Go green, Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali thisyear’ against air, water, sound and environment pollution. The rally aimed at enlightening the students on safety and celebrating Diwali withdiyas. Students spread awareness about ways to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. The Director Ms. Shashi Tyagi also apprised the students that Diwali is a festival of colourful diyas. We should celebrate the festival by lighting earthen lamps, decorating the houses, perform pujas and exchange sweets. Overall students had a positive impact on those who participated in the rally and those who witnessed it.

The Special Assembly on Diwali, the festival of lights was held on 22 October,2022 by the students of Rashtra Shakti Vidyalya. The festival of lights that enlightens the hearts and brings joy was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The Assembly began with a prayer and a thought related to it. A beautiful poem ‘ Twinkle-Twinkle Diwali Lights’ was recited by the students of class. A wonderful poem in Hindi ‘ Agyanta ka Adhikar’ was recited by ‘Utkarsh’  of class IV which was followed by the Ramayan Chopai presented by primary students. Arnav of class V expressed his thought on Diwali. Teachers sang a melodious hymn devoted to Lord Rama.

School Directed honorable Mr. Shashi Tyagi Ma’am appreciated students for decorating so beautiful diyas.she told the story of Lord Rama,how he returned to his kingdom from the exile of 14 years,with his wife sita and brother Lakshman on this day. All the people decorated the entire kingdom with lights.

The children went back to their classes and continued their joy by making beautiful rangolis and decorating their classes with the help of their teachers.