NOVEMBER 30, 2020

RSV believes in inculcating Indian values in the students by celebrating diverse religious festivals.

Guru Nanak Jayanti which marks the birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru was celebrated with elan at a virtual platform this year. The aim of the celebrations was to spread his divine message of harmony, non-violence, love and equality. The teachings of Guru Nanak have a lot of relevance even today.

The students conducted a divine, colourful and enchanting virtual assembly on this occasion.

Highlights of the programme were as follows:

  1. ‘Guru Ko Guru Shishya Ka Pranam- Ik Onkar’-by

                                     Students- Tripti (VII A), Drishti (VIII A) , Ritika (VIII C) & Toshit (VIII C)

                                     Teachers-Mr. Sujit, Ms. Shilpi & Ms. Priyanka Rajput.

  1. Story Narration – ‘Imandari Ki Roti’-by Vanshika (IX B)

                                  ‘Saccha Sauda’ by Gargi ( VIII A)

  1. Group Presentation on the life & teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji – by Saksham Sharma (III A)

                                                                                                Tanzil (III A) , Pihu ( I A ) & Vishwill ( I A)

 The children were urged to follow the path of universal brotherhood and peace to promote national  

  integration and communal harmony.