The investiture ceremony and culmination of the sports week celebrations was conducted on 29August 2023. This event marked a significant moment where leadership recognition and the conclusion of a week-long sports extravaganza converged. The school witnessed a blend of formal proceedings and enthusiastic sporting achievements.
Investiture Ceremony:
The investiture ceremony commenced with an air of anticipation and pride. The ceremony began with the announcement of the newly elected council members who were selected to shoulder various leadership responsibilities. The esteemed Director Madam and HOS Ma’am proudly introduced the head boy, head girl, and other members of council , highlighting the trust bestowed upon them by the school community.
Oath Ceremony:
The ceremony then proceeded to the oath-taking, where the newly appointed student council members swore to uphold the values and responsibilities of their positions.
Speeches by Head Boy and Head Girl:
Following the oath ceremony, the head boy and head girl delivered inspiring speeches that reflected their aspirations, vision, and determination for the upcoming academic year.
Culmination of Sports Week Celebrations:
The culmination of the sports week celebrations was a fitting conclusion to a week filled with spirited sports events and activities. The sports week aimed to foster a sense of sportsmanship, healthy competition, and team spirit among the students. The campus came alive with the sounds of cheers and camaraderie as students engaged in a variety of sports.
Result Announcement and Prize Distribution Ceremony:
The grand finale of the celebrations arrived with the result announcement and prize distribution ceremony. Medals, trophies, and certificates were awarded to those who demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication. Honourable Director Madam and HOS Ma’am graced the occasion,congratulating the winners and encouraging all participants to continue their pursuit of excellence.
The investiture ceremony and culmination of the sports week celebrations demonstrated the school’s commitment to nurturing leadership and fostering a culture of sportsmanship. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their abilities and dedication in both leadership and sports.

Council of members are:
1. Head boy Pranjal Sagar XII COM
2. Head girl Khushi XII HUM
3. Vice head boy Lucky XII HUM
4. Vice head girl Riya XII ARTS
5. Sports captain Pranjal Singh XII SCI
6. Vice sports captain Ankita Meena XII Sci
7. Cultural secretary Pooja Sharma XII Arts
8. Vice cultural secretary Tisha XII Com
9. House captain Nehru Yash Bansal XII COM
10. House captain Gandhi Khushi Singh XII Sci
11. House captain Patel Mayank Rana XII Com
12. House captain Ambedkar Aayush XII Com
Winners of Sports Day : Sports Week   (2023-2024)

CLASS- 1 Class 1-Flat Race (Boys)

1st -Devansh (I-B) 2nd- Kartik. (I-A)

Flat race (Girls) 1st – Amishee (I-B) 2nd- Dhani (I-B)
3rd- Ritik. (I-A) 3rd- Khushali (I-A)
CLASS- 2 Class 2- Burpees (Boys)

1st – Prince (II-A) 2nd- Aksh (II-B)

Class 2 – Basket race (Girls)

1st Akshita (II-A)

3rd- Swastik (II-A) 2nd Drishti (II-B)
3rd Janvi. (II-A)
CLASS- 3 Class 3- Frog Race (Boys)

1st – Manit (III-B)

Class 3- Marble Race (Girls)

1st- Aaradhya (III-A)

2nd- Ayush (III-B) 2nd- Manvi Yadav (III-B)
3rd- Aarnav (III-A) 3rd- Anshika Sharma
CLASS- 4 CLASS 4 Squats (Boys)

1st- Anirudh (IV-B)

2nd- Veer Yadav (IV-B)

Class 4 Sack Race (Girls)

1st -Sadhna Yadav (IV-B)

3rd- Satyam Bharti(IV-A) 2nd- Zoya (IV-A)
3rd- Aaradhya Tiwari


Class 5- Shuttle Race (Boys)

1st – Piyush Gupta (V-B)

Class 5 Shuttle Race (Girls)

1st – Iqra Khan (V-B)

2nd- Saurabh singh (V-A) 2nd- Ananya (V-A)
3rd- Vishu (V-A) 3rd- Anisha Yadav (V-B)
CLASS- 6 Class 6- 3 leg race (Boys)

1st -Omkar Baral (VI-A), Priyansh (VI-A)

2nd- Md. Kaunain (VI-A), Vivaan VI-A)


3rd Prince Kumar(VI-B), Ankit Singh(VI-B)

Class 6 Jump Race (Girls)

1st- Rechal (VI-A) 2nd- Diya (VI-A) 3rd- Bhoomi (VI-B)

CLASS- 7 Class 7 Hurdle race (Boys)

1st – Md. Saad (VII-B) 2nd- Ayush Thakur (VII-B) 3rd- Rishi Jha (VII-B)

Class 7 Hurdle Race (Girls)

1st- Rishika Yadav (VII-A) 2nd- Harshika Meena


3rd- Sanskriti Jha (VII-A)

CLASS- 8 Class 8 Hurdle race (Boys)

1st- Ankit Singh (VIII-A) 2nd- Ayushmaan Meena (VIII-A)

3rd- Rishi Bhardwaj (VIII-B)

Class 8 Hurdle race (Girls)

1st- Harshi (VIII-B) 2nd- Sonakshi (VIII-A)

3rd- Devanshika kovind (VIII-B)

Senior wing

Football (Boys) IX-A

Runner Up




Runner Up


Volley ball (Boys)



Runner Up

XI -Sci/ Humanities

Volley ball (Girls)


Runner Up


Basketball (Boys)

XI Science

Runner up

XI commerce

Date : 29-08-2023
1. Prayer
2. Thought for the Day
3. Investiture Ceremony
4. Followed by Oath Ceremony
5. Thanks message by Head Girl (Khushi XII Hum.) on the behalf of entire
Council members.
Celebration of Birth Ceremony of Major Dhyan Chand &
Culmination of Sports Week
6. Hoola Hoop performance by Class II to X : Mrs. Kavita
7. Sports Week Result Announcement by Lucky XII Hum and Kundan XII Sci
8. Blessings by Hon’ble Director Madam
9. Closing Ceremony