Janmashtmi Celebration


RSV believes in inculcating Indian values in the students by celebrating diverse religious festivals. The Rsvians celebrated Krishna Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. The students conducted a colourful and enchanting assembly on this occasion.

Highlights of the programme were as follows:

1. Poem- Krishan Janam Jhalkiyan by Sudhanshu Kumar Jha Class IX-C

2. Origin & Significance of the Day by Manas & Vaibhav Class V-A

3. Group Song ‘Kaun Kehta Hai Ki Bhagwan Aate Nahi’ – by Class VI A & VII C girls

4. Geeta Updesh by Class III & IV students

5. Skit – ‘The Secret of Happiness’ by Class V students & Kundan VIII-A

6. Poem- ‘Krishan ki Chetavani’ by Aman Class IX-A

7. Dance Performance by Class VIII & VIII girls

Children enthralled the audience with their performances. Honourable Director Madam and HOS madam graced their presence and enjoyed the programme. They admired and appreciated the students for their enthusiasm and efforts. Director Madam blessed all the students on this auspicious day and gave them the message to imbibe the values from Bhagwad Geeta in their lives to be happy.