Summer Holidays Homework 2021

Dear parents,
This is to inform you that as per the guidelines of D.O.E, OUR SCHOOL will observe summer break from 1/5/21 till 9/6/21.
1. Pre-school -V classes will reopen from 10/6/21
2. VI -XII classes will reopen from 1/6/21 which will include only activities based learning. During these unprecedented times when children are most affected,  activities will not only engage them meaningfully but also enhance their creative skills and creative thinking along with taking care of their psychological health.

Parents are encouraged to –
(1) Maintain a positive learning environment at home.
(2) Encourage the child to read stories
(3) learn home gardening
(4) Indulge in kindness deeds
(5) You are requested to practice Covid Appropriate Behaviour and get vaccinated at the earliest. This will ensure safety and good health of the family and the community. Together, we will win this battle

Parents are requested to ensure timely submission of FEES. This will support the school in smooth functioning
Stay Safe ! Stay Healthy !

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