Van Mahotsav

Date: 3rd July 2023 to 7th July 2023

Van Mahotsav, the annual tree planting festival, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya under the supervision and guidance of the honorable Director Madam and Head of School (HOS) Madam. The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of trees and promote environmental conservation among the students. The theme for this year’s celebrations was “More Trees More Life.”

The activities for Van Mahotsav celebrations were organized class-wise, encompassing various creative and informative tasks that engaged the students at different grade levels. The event commenced with a tree plantation drive where students actively participated in planting saplings within the school premises.

On each day of the celebration,plethora of activities were organised. A special assembly was held on 07/07/2023 to highlight the importance of trees and their value to the environment. During the assembly  students offered prayers for the well-being of nature and expressed gratitude for the abundance of trees. The prayer was followed by Thought of the day, news poem recitation and  a skit performed by the young RSVins, which conveyed the message of environmental conservation and the role of trees in sustaining life.

The activities planned for each grade were as follows:

  1. Pre-School & Pre-Primary: Leaf Impression & Seed Germination
    • Students engaged in creating leaf impressions and learning about seed germination processes.
  1. Grades I & II: Making of Stick/Hand Puppets
    • Students explored their creativity by making stick or hand puppets with a focus on tree-themed characters.
  1. Grade III: Prepare Head Gears
    • Students crafted headgears representing various aspects of trees, such as leaves, flowers, or animals associated with them.
  1. Grades IV & V: Poetry Recitation
    • Students composed and recited poems centered around the theme of trees, highlighting their significance and beauty.
  1. Grades VI to VIII: Essay Writing
    • Students expressed their thoughts and ideas through essay writing, discussing the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance.
  1. Grades IX & X: Painting, Slogan, and Poster
    • Students showcased their artistic skills by creating paintings, slogans, and posters emphasizing the value of trees and the need for their preservation.
  1. Grade XI: Banner Preparation
    • Students worked collaboratively to design and create banners advocating for the protection and conservation of trees.
  1. Grade XII: Extempore Competition
    • Students participated in an extempore competition, where they delivered impromptu speeches on the significance of trees and the urgency to protect our natural environment.

To showcase the students’ exceptional work, three entries were selected from each class, resulting in a total of 15 entries per grade. These outstanding entries, including paintings, essays, slogans, posters, and banners, were collated and were submitted for further evaluation and recognition.

The Van Mahotsav celebrations at Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya served as an excellent platform for students to develop a deeper understanding of environmental conservation, instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards nature. Through their active participation in various activities, the students showcased their creativity, knowledge, and dedication towards preserving our planet.

The event successfully created an atmosphere of environmental awareness and appreciation for the invaluable role of trees in our lives. It is expected that these celebrations will inspire the students to become environmentally conscious citizens and actively contribute to the cause of a greener and healthier world.

The event culminated with the certificate distribution to the winners , best wishes and blessings of director Madam. Who motivated each child to plant a saplings on their birthday.