World Health Day

On the occasion of world health day 2023- theme “Health for all”

RSV under the careful supervision of Director Madam and HOS madam

have always administered a good health and habit among their students.

Now on this health day students of RSV are going to have this special assembly to mass educate the young kids who have taken up the wrong eating habits and lifestyles and thus now are facing serious health issues like Diabetes, obesity, cavities etc.

Following are the students and the list of the engaged programs for Monday Asssembly.This assembly is been taken up by the middle school students.

  1. News – Nancy 8B
  3. Significance of the day – ManviGoswami 8 B
  4. Poem on health- Jiya 8 B
  5. Hansiikejaadugar intro – Ananya 8 B
  6. Jaadugar 1- Rishi
  7. Jaadugar 2- tanish
  8. Jaadugar 3-Daksh
  9. Jaadugar 4- yashmesh
  10. Jaadugar 5- Gagan
  11. Nutritionist Heeya intro to food fads 8 A
  12. Nutritionist saarthak-8A
  13. Nutritionist Rakshit- 8 A
  14. Nutritionist Himank-8 A
  15. Nutritionist Yaman- 8 A
  16. PE exercise