Doctor’s Day


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others.

In order to salute the never-ending spirit of our healthcare providers, Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya celebrated National Doctor’s Day on 1 July 2023. The day was celebrated to create awareness among the students about the invaluable contribution of the physicians towards serving mankind as well as their significant roles and responsibilities.

The special assembly was started with the morning prayer followed by the welcome speech as it was the first day of the school after summer break. The primary students were dressed up as doctors and paid a tribute to the doctors through their quotes.Then the article on the topic  ‘Importance of National Doctor’s day was presented by the student of class VIII. The poem was also recited with a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude towards the doctors. All the participants gave a remarkable performances on National Doctor’s Day.

The alumni association of Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya had also invited an alumnus of the school who is now an MBBS doctor to share his journey with the students of class Xth, XIth and XIIth. This was a wonderful session which inspired the students to focus on their studies with the help of teachers in school instead of being dependent on other private institutions.

The assembly was wrapped up with the speech by Director ma’am in which she advised the students to maintain personal hygiene and make their physical and mental health their top priority in life. At the end, she also paid tribute to our superheroes for their sacrifices and compassionate services.