RSV on 24 April 2019 very aptly celebrated ‘National Panchayati  Raj Diwas’ under the guidance and motivation of Director Madam Ms.SashiTyagi. It was a collaborative effort to bring students of grades VI to XII together and organised a special assembly.

Highlights of the events are:

  1. News Headlines.
  2. Thought of the day.
  3. History of local self government.
  4. Composition of local self government.
  5. Features of Panchayati Raj system.
  6. Panchayati Raj System-Amazing facts.
  7. Group song-‘Panchayti Raj Ki  Khaas Baat’.

The programme was concluded with the speech of Director Madam Ms.Shashi Tyagi. She apprised children that how Panchayati Raj works for the betterment of the rural people and it helps in transforming Rural India into a better place to live.