World Population Day (11-July-2023)

To save the world, to protect tomorrow, we have to control the population today.


World Population Day is an annual event, celebrated on the 11th day of July to raise awareness of all the negative impacts that population growth has had on the steady development of nature .

The day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students of Rashtra Shakti Vidyalaya under the supreme guidance and motivation of our honourable Director Madam Ms. Shashi Tyagi and respected HOS Madam Ms. Meenakshi Bhat to mark the importance of the World Population Day.

Highlights of the event were: 

  • Thought -1 (English) by Harshali -III A
  • Thought -2 Hindi by Namish -III A
  • Poem by Anshika Sharma -III B
  • Facts about India’s Population -Prachi XI
  • Dance & Drama: “Badhti Aabadi hai Barbadi ” by IX-B
  • विश्व गुरु भारत कैसे बने?: Riya Sharma -XII

Through the centralised assembly and videos uploaded on the social media of our school , students were apprised that rising population is a matter of serious concern for mankind as it not only increases burden on existing resources but also leads to various issues like unemployment, low economic growth, poverty, environmental degradation etc