Earth Day


This year April 22, is the world’s 51st Earth Day, an annual event held to demonstrate support for the environmental protection.
Earth Day has since transformed into a day in which a wide variety of activities geared toward environmental protection ranging from conferences and panel discussions to global clean up events are organized via Earth day organization.
The majority of onsite events held this year, as the world is in the throes of contending with the COVID-19 pandemic, happen to be clean-up events, which have actually never been so important especially considering the addition of masks to the overwhelming trash that is taking over our planet.

A day worth remembering and reminding all of us the duties we owe towards our planet. Its a treasure we need to care and conserve for our future. RSV is always in league of creating awareness among our students.During this pandemic our school has celebrated virtual Earth day. Students have prepared poster ,poem , song ,shown how to reuse waste and many more.

Students’  promise to their mother earth

I love 🌎 in my simple ways
• walk barefoot in my garden getting connected
• hug a tree
• Plant a tree in a public space
• Challenge yourself to a no-trash week!
• grow your own. herbs like pudina,dhaniya,methi,wheat grass
• avoid ac ,use open windows and have fresh air
• use recycled bottles, newspaper, old clothes for recycling best out of waste
• Turn off the lights when you’re not using them – you’ll be surprised how much a ‘room check’ can save.
• Meditate outside – even just closing your eyes and seeing what you notice helps develop thoughtfulness for the planet
• Care for the earth’s creatures – adopt a pet!
• Put your phone down and relax