Tiger Day



“The tiger is a symbol of beauty, strength, and nationality.So save  the tiger and save our nation’s pride.”
International Tiger Day is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. It is observed on 29 July each year. To promote this cause, RSVians presented a special assembly on ‘Save Our Tigers, Save Our Pride’. Class-III A students shared ‘Thoughts of the Day’ on tigers. Through a poem Class-II B students expressed tigers’ pivotal role in balancing and maintaining the ecosystem.With a spectacular play and dance showcasing the pitiful life of a tiger, the students of Class-IIA encouraged their fellow schoolmates to raise awareness about conserving the wild life.
Many spirited activities were also conducted for primary classes under the able guidance of our honourable Director madam Ms. Shashi Tyagi and respected HOS madam Ms. Meenakshi Bhat.
● Class-1 – Tiger’s Bookmark
● Class-2 Tiger Head Gears
● Class-3 Puppet Making
● Class-4 Tiger Corner Bookmark with an
Amazing Fact
● Class-5 Poem Recitation on ‘Save Tigers’
The idea was to contribute to the overall holistic development of the students. Besides that it helped create new awareness about promoting a global eco system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation.